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Here's me dressed up as Darth Maul. This was the second night that Star Wars episode 1 was in theaters, and yes, I did go just like this. It's funny seeing all the double and triple takes that people do. It's hilarious. No one will even look you in the eyes when you look at them.

Yeah I'm looking at you! I'll beat your ass with my plastic sword :(

This is the back of my head just after the Summersault concert. Any of you Perfect Circle fans can tell that that, is the APC Symbol that they use on their CD. The orange you see on the top of my head is a bigger version of the same thing. Yes, that is my backyard. No igloos to be found, sorry.

Here's my Mr.T haircut I did in 1996 (you can see the date on the photo). A bunch of my buddies did the haircut for me, and I didn't realize that they made it so crooked at the back until I had seen this picture. The deal was my friend would grow his hair for an entire year, and I'd let them do whatever they wanted to mine. Mr.T it was. Maybe it's just me but something just isn't right about a skinny white kid with a Mr.T cut.

Most of you have probably seen the picture of me with the 2 guys from the Foo Fighters. This is what's on top of my head in that picture. It looked better here because this is before it got faded in the mosh pit.


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