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Peon Attack!
Hey, leave my mill alone.
I just discovered this little part of the computer AI recently while getting screenshots for this page. It seems that when a computer loses all of his buildings except for 1, but still has some peons, the enemy peons will come and attack you. But they don't do it how you would think they should. It seems that this part of their AI wasn't well coded, and they act like they aren't really sure what to do. The peons ended up walking incredibly slow towads you. They take 1 step, pause for awhile, then take another step. It's very strange to see. The picture on the right shows 3 enemy peons who walked up here from bottom right after I killed everything but 1 farm. I didn't know what the heck they were doing until they attack my mill!

The three pictures below shows you anothoer example. This time I killed all of their buildings, but left them with many peons. The pictures demonstrate how slow the peons walk, when they get into this 'attack something' mode. You really have to try this out for yourself to see how dumb it looks :). You can see how I killed the peon who was carrying lumber because T.V. teaches me important things like picking on those who are different.
uh oh! hmm..they are slow :P la la la...

'Rawr!' yells one of them.

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