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This is a fact: the bigger an explosion is, the better it is. It's one of the best parts of this game when you can take out 4 farms with 1 sapper, or 4 barracks with 2 sappers. Wouldn't it be great if you could take out 15 buildings all at the same time? How about 20 buildings, or 25?

If you were to take 2 sappers, and space them apart a little; tell them to demolish the same farm, the 2nd sapper will be demolished as soon the farm is destroyed (by the 1st sapper). Because the 2nd sapper loses the target of what he is trying to destroy (in this case, the farm) then it automatically blows up as well. You can tell as many sappers as you want to go kill that farm, and ALL of them will blow up when the farm is destroyed by the first sapper. We can take this, and go a little further. Instead of targetting a building, target your own sapper. Now you have the ability to blow up ALL of the sappers that are chasing him, just by telling the lead to demolish the ground.

With the implementation of unit grouping that comes with War2BNE we can even take this a step further. Group 9's of sappers using ctrl-0 to ctrl-9, and you got yourself setup for one huge ass explosion. Let's take a little look :) ...

36 chasing sappers Kabooooom...

In this example I had 4 groups of 9, or 36 sappers chasing the lead sapper. Telling the lead to demolish the ground somewhere causes 37 saps to all blow up at once. You can take this same example and have your following sappers running through an enemies city at the time of detonation, taking out many, many buildings. In a real game, you will never have an opportunity to do this, but against someone who isn't so good, or after you have already taken them out of the game units-wise, you can easily do this for some entertainment.

I wouldn't leave you hanging at a mere 37 sappers at once, would I? Of course not. I always take things too far.

oh my god
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This screenshot is taken from the map Everything is Free (where else could you get the resources to do this). Myself and my good friends Kith-Kanin and DethWave had already taken out the 3 opponents and came up with this brilliant idea. We all got 10 groups of 9 sappers hotkey'ed and told them to demolish Kiths lead sapper. Have you added it up yet? We were trying to demolish 271 sappers at once. We did get alot of them, but with that many running the same direction at once, some are bound to get caught and 'lose' the command they were given. It's quite a site seeing half of the minimap disappear all at the same time.

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