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An endless circle
You can tell one unit to follow another, and then move both by moving the lead unit. Using this, you can do a few interesting 'follow the leader' type of things. In this example I told 3 peons to follow each other in succesion. Using the center peon as set center, the 3 peons will chase each other around the circle endlessly.
Around, and around, and...

A nice straight line

This works out in the open playing field as well. Just tell each unit to follow the next one. Left click to select, right click to issue the follow command. Continue this for as long as you like. When you run out of units, you simply tell the first one to move somewhere, and each unit will follow in succession. In this example I used 9 ogres, but there really is no limit to how many you can do this with. One time in a real game I made 50+ dragons follow each other around the map (I guess I can't call that a real game :)

Around, and around, and...

About the best use for this is for an embarrassment factor. Nothing quite beats running your ogres in an endless circle, while the rest of your ogres are razing someones city. You can do this with 4 flyers too, when you have the game under control. Use 1 as the center and get the other 3 to fly around it over the enemies base. On a practical note, this can be used to move large groups of units, but you go about it a little different. Tell a group of 9 ogres to follow a certain ogre. Then, get that ogre in another group of 9 and move them where you want all 18 to go.

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