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Using Flyers/Zeps to Kill Boats
So you thought your flying machines couldn't attack? All you need to pull this off is an enemy destroyer that is placed next to another enemy ship or unit. A destroyers attack damages both land and air, so when it fires at your flying machine, it also hits anything that is below it.

Destroyers come to attack me They get me, and their own ship

Here you can see 3 enemy destroyers coming to attack my zeppelin. I just sit my zeppelin over top of the enemies juggernaught, and they eventually sink their own ship (as seen in the 2nd picture), just before they kill my zeppelin. It might seem kind of cool, but it's really impracticle to use. If you ever find the time to do this during the game, you should really try to find some better competition. If you are lucky, one day you might get to kill an enemy peon by using this trick. You just need an enemy destroyer that hasn't been away from the shipyard, and a peon that is close to the shipyard on the shore. Good luck.

Thanks goes to MajinGandalf for reminding me of this.

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