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Zepplin attack!

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Zepplin attack!

Did anyone here remember the zepplin attack? We was using that sometime on bt net europe.

It consist to do a dual and made alot of zepplin and bring them all over the town of your ennemies.

So your ennemies cant click on town hall barracks to made units, instead hes clickin on your zepplin. lol!

PS: you have to scout and see if ennemies have tower, normaly hes not suppose because hes gonna try to dual too or gonna try to counter your dual.

But if he had towers your zepplin gonna get kills and its not gonna work.

Also, you have to made alot of zepplin and hide them to bring all of them at the same time over the town.

Because if you bring them 1 by one hes gonna made tower or axe troller and gonna easily counter this technique.

-It cost nothing to do this technic.
- If it work thats 99.9% win.
- Unknow technic, dont alot of people who can predict that.

-Pretty hard to do.
- Need to be pretty fast.
- Need a good ressource and devloppement management to mix zepplin and attack.
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